The Wolves in Sheep Clothing

All this news is a charade
A smoke screen to hide from us
The facts of the Russian Conspiracy:
To install the Trump Lackeys,
To destroy all the structures of our democracy,
Setting us back, way back, in time
At their bidding.

Our values are lost. We are confused.

Our public questions enter this smoke screen,
Are battered around, bruised and diminished
By the clown act of truth jugglers and fact deniers

This Circus is scripted to distract us from the reality of the charade:
The Russians are here, having engineered a complex infowar
That struck at our political and social memes
And are driving us to be confused about WTF is going on.

They are wolves in clowns clothing


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Dream the Dreams

Dream the Dreams
Of what you want.
Keep dreaming no matter what,
When winds blow against you.
Raise your arms,
let the winds blow through your hair
Life can be grand when the steam
Is gone from your brain.

So, we Dream the Dream
Of sunny skies and warm beaches,
Of golden lovers in our arms,
Of victorious crusades of discovery and conquest.

What are these dreams?
Fantasies for distraction or entertainment?
Blinding obsessions of chimerical rewards?

Or, is the Dream we Dream
Nothing more than a sham?
Are these illusions
Chimera from other universes
Leaking through invisible boundaries
In the quantum universe?

Dream the Dreams
That warm us with hope.
Hope to give us energy
To set a compass in the direction
To get to the Dreams that we Dream.

Hold me close, bring me to earth.

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I don’t know what it means to be me.
Why, how, when, where…
(All of those adverbs that ask the same question from various points of view:
What the fuck does it all mean?

Strip away all of our preconceptual notions of what [I am/we are],
Look at the blob that is left
And wonder what its function is
in the closed ecology that it belongs to.
What the fuck does it all mean?

The dominant Blob species eating all the other dissimilar Blobs…

Do you know about the evolution of a living culture in a petri dish [a closed system]?
There is a limit to what is available for it to eat.
And it dies by starvation as it suffocates in its excrement.
What the fuck does it all mean?

This Planet is a petri dish
One species is highly aggressive
Eating and terminating other species
Swimming in its excrement
Is it a cancerous form?
Will it die and kill its host?
What the fuck does it all mean?

A little of me dies every day
It’s noticeable
I see it
I feel it

I am near the end of my tether
I see, I yearn, for the big change
That I set into motion a while back
To be completed

There is no way to flush our crap down the drain
There is no drain!
What the fuck does it all mean?


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I’ve smoked too many computers.

I’ve smoked too many computers.

Follow the prints. It’s an exploration that can/will lead somewhere.

  • The godPrograms() are forcing/experiencing an evolutionary change at least on/for themselves (maybe). That makes me laugh at myself.  
  • godPrograms() to survive need humans as their energy source. The more humans, the more that can be done to further the mission objectives of that specific godProgram().
  • Each godProgram() has evolved its own unique primaryProgramming() that differs from the other godPrograms().
  • godPrograms() are very competitive with each other to the point of being lethal, deadly.

In the Middle East at this moment several godPrograms() that have been released from their captivity are fighting for dominance and control of the resources necessary for their survival:  the programmable human biocomputer. (I guess that the godPrograms() measure victory in their rivalries by how many of the rivals’ programmable human biocomputers are killed or damaged. What a waste!)


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The Economy Belongs to Us!

It’s our country, and it’s our economy. It exists as the engine of our activities, a measure of all  that could benefit us. It’s ours, it belongs to us, not to the banks, not to the corporations, nor to Congress and all the certified-smarty advisors and think tanks, even though they too are participants in and posses a share of the economy. But when examined as whole, the economy belongs to all participants in it. It belongs to US! The owners should have a say in what is needed in the economy, and if the executive managers (members of the permanent political class) cannot or do not respond to the wishes of the owners, then they must be fired and replaced by persons whose directives are to respond to the owners of the economy.
As I see it now, many members of the permanent political class, supported by funds from wealthy special interests, are practicing an ideology that amounts to a coupe, ignoring the general will of the owners in order to gain control of the economic engine and the country.

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We are The Corporation

Since the Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are people, maybe the People should be a Corporation.

Corporations exist to increase the share-holders’ value. If the society we exist in were organized as a Corporation of the People, then that Corporation would exist to increase the citizens’ shareholder value. As  country competing against other economic organizations, we should strive to make a profit, with the value and benefits of a Corporation distributed to the citizens. The Corporation should include in its cost of operation the overhead of the benefits the citizens earn and work for.
We are the Government.


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Establish Justice


When Michael Moore was interviewed on TV by Lawrence O’Donnell last night Moore mentioned that the police organizations in this country have been given grants to obtain all sorts of new technologies. This money comes from Homeland Security, backed by the authority of the Patriot Act, to protect us from 9-11 style terrorists in order to make us more secure.

Really? Are the police fighting terrorists at UC Davis, or any other place they have used these new tools to get compliance out of peaceful demonstrators?

Is the use of force to make us compliant the purpose of the Constitution?

Buried deep in our American psyche is this “American exceptionalism”, the belief that we are the cops of the world and that we can use our might to tell others by force what to do. But we also have that arrogance of force focused on our own internal dissidents.

It looks as if the terrorists are winning.

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Establish Justice

Establish Justice

“All are equal before the law. Justice is blind. No man is above the law.”

The revolution in thought that we now call “The Rights of Man” occurred  as a strong reaction to dominating bullying leaders arbitrarily edicting the conditions in which most people lived. These wealthy elitists controlled the whole pie, consuming the bulk of a society’s economic energies directing the balance of the population to serve their needs.

The Rule of Law was to be the primary force for equalizing the disparities found in any society. The Founders acknowledge that degrees of inequality would exist based on successes and failures experienced by individuals reflected in the degrees of inequality that everyone experienced. The only exception was the rule of law – no inequality was tolerable. Everyone was assured fairness and a level playing field with an universal set of rules.

“It would be difficult to overstate the essential place of the rule of law in the American political tradition. A principle grievance against King George III was his unilateral power to vest himself and those he favored the right to act outside the law. The goal of the American Revolution was to replace this arbitrary will of the monarch with unbending equal application of law to everyone.”1

There are many examples of the “King George III Rule” in practice in our recent history: Ford pardoned Nixon’s transgressions “to get the matter behind us”, Obama did not wish to pursue prosecution of the liars Bush and Cheney “not wanting to create a circus that would split the country”, the financial industry geniuses have not been prosecuted for their stealing and destruction.  Imperial Presidents and Congresses continue to practice this Rule of favoring the privileged and excusing their actions that have transgressed the Law and the Rules of the Constitution.

Perhaps those patriots that cry “Let us return to The Constitution” should start with Equality Under the Law.


1.  Greenwald, Glenn; With Liberty and Justice for Some. Kindle edition location 47-62

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We are the Government.

We are the Government.

The people that we elect to make representative decisions for us, and the people hired to perform tasks in the name of “The Government” are our neighbors that we, in essence, have hired. The elected persons may have an agenda of their own, but as representative servants of ours, that agenda should be secondary to the will of those selecting them. If during the selection process the candidates profess values or actions that when elected are not followed, or the actions are unexpected and contrary to what they represented to the electorate, then their actions are false and fraudulent.

For example, to state that jobs are a priority, and then to act on abortion, union killing legislation, and things like reaffirming the national motto,  while continuing to block any public action to address and solve issues, is tantamount  to fraud. Seeking political victories without regards to social successes removes the representative from the society that they were  selected to support, to the position of representing their own personal interests, goals, and successes.

We have given our support to professional con-(wo)men  to become larcenous cheats and thieves.



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In God We Trust?

In God We Trust?
If God made us in His image, then He must be one screwed up sinner, or just a lousy builder. Why should we trust Him?
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