Dream the Dreams

Dream the Dreams
Of what you want.
Keep dreaming no matter what,
When winds blow against you.
Raise your arms,
let the winds blow through your hair
Life can be grand when the steam
Is gone from your brain.

So, we Dream the Dream
Of sunny skies and warm beaches,
Of golden lovers in our arms,
Of victorious crusades of discovery and conquest.

What are these dreams?
Fantasies for distraction or entertainment?
Blinding obsessions of chimerical rewards?

Or, is the Dream we Dream
Nothing more than a sham?
Are these illusions
Chimera from other universes
Leaking through invisible boundaries
In the quantum universe?

Dream the Dreams
That warm us with hope.
Hope to give us energy
To set a compass in the direction
To get to the Dreams that we Dream.

Hold me close, bring me to earth.

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