I don’t know what it means to be me.
Why, how, when, where…
(All of those adverbs that ask the same question from various points of view:
What the fuck does it all mean?

Strip away all of our preconceptual notions of what [I am/we are],
Look at the blob that is left
And wonder what its function is
in the closed ecology that it belongs to.
What the fuck does it all mean?

The dominant Blob species eating all the other dissimilar Blobs…

Do you know about the evolution of a living culture in a petri dish [a closed system]?
There is a limit to what is available for it to eat.
And it dies by starvation as it suffocates in its excrement.
What the fuck does it all mean?

This Planet is a petri dish
One species is highly aggressive
Eating and terminating other species
Swimming in its excrement
Is it a cancerous form?
Will it die and kill its host?
What the fuck does it all mean?

A little of me dies every day
It’s noticeable
I see it
I feel it

I am near the end of my tether
I see, I yearn, for the big change
That I set into motion a while back
To be completed

There is no way to flush our crap down the drain
There is no drain!
What the fuck does it all mean?


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