We are the Government.

We are the Government.

The people that we elect to make representative decisions for us, and the people hired to perform tasks in the name of “The Government” are our neighbors that we, in essence, have hired. The elected persons may have an agenda of their own, but as representative servants of ours, that agenda should be secondary to the will of those selecting them. If during the selection process the candidates profess values or actions that when elected are not followed, or the actions are unexpected and contrary to what they represented to the electorate, then their actions are false and fraudulent.

For example, to state that jobs are a priority, and then to act on abortion, union killing legislation, and things like reaffirming the national motto,  while continuing to block any public action to address and solve issues, is tantamount  to fraud. Seeking political victories without regards to social successes removes the representative from the society that they were  selected to support, to the position of representing their own personal interests, goals, and successes.

We have given our support to professional con-(wo)men  to become larcenous cheats and thieves.



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