The Economy Belongs to Us!

It’s our country, and it’s our economy. It exists as the engine of our activities, a measure of all  that could benefit us. It’s ours, it belongs to us, not to the banks, not to the corporations, nor to Congress and all the certified-smarty advisors and think tanks, even though they too are participants in and posses a share of the economy. But when examined as whole, the economy belongs to all participants in it. It belongs to US! The owners should have a say in what is needed in the economy, and if the executive managers (members of the permanent political class) cannot or do not respond to the wishes of the owners, then they must be fired and replaced by persons whose directives are to respond to the owners of the economy.
As I see it now, many members of the permanent political class, supported by funds from wealthy special interests, are practicing an ideology that amounts to a coupe, ignoring the general will of the owners in order to gain control of the economic engine and the country.

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