I’ve smoked too many computers.

I’ve smoked too many computers.

Follow the prints. It’s an exploration that can/will lead somewhere.

  • The godPrograms() are forcing/experiencing an evolutionary change at least on/for themselves (maybe). That makes me laugh at myself.  
  • godPrograms() to survive need humans as their energy source. The more humans, the more that can be done to further the mission objectives of that specific godProgram().
  • Each godProgram() has evolved its own unique primaryProgramming() that differs from the other godPrograms().
  • godPrograms() are very competitive with each other to the point of being lethal, deadly.

In the Middle East at this moment several godPrograms() that have been released from their captivity are fighting for dominance and control of the resources necessary for their survival:  the programmable human biocomputer. (I guess that the godPrograms() measure victory in their rivalries by how many of the rivals’ programmable human biocomputers are killed or damaged. What a waste!)


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