Establish Justice


When Michael Moore was interviewed on TV by Lawrence O’Donnell last night Moore mentioned that the police organizations in this country have been given grants to obtain all sorts of new technologies. This money comes from Homeland Security, backed by the authority of the Patriot Act, to protect us from 9-11 style terrorists in order to make us more secure.

Really? Are the police fighting terrorists at UC Davis, or any other place they have used these new tools to get compliance out of peaceful demonstrators?

Is the use of force to make us compliant the purpose of the Constitution?

Buried deep in our American psyche is this “American exceptionalism”, the belief that we are the cops of the world and that we can use our might to tell others by force what to do. But we also have that arrogance of force focused on our own internal dissidents.

It looks as if the terrorists are winning.

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